Stripe Terms

  • Besides only listing the name of the product or service, you can help customers with their purchasing decision by providing detailed text descriptions of what you’re selling. For physical goods, include multiple pictures and information about material, colors, and other details. This is also an important measure to protect against potential disputes: setting the right expectations up front gives your customers a clear idea of what they get for their money.If we review your website and find that it isn’t clear what you’re selling, we may contact you with recommendations for improving the description. We dont sell product on the website
  • The purchase currency We only trade in £ sterling.
  • Customer service contact. Is clearly displayed in the terms and conditions
  • Your fulfillment policies All covered in Terms and conditions
    • Refund policy — Describe under what conditions customers can receive a refund.
    • Delivery policy — Describe how and where goods are shipped, and on what timeline.
    • Return policy – Describe under what conditions customers can return purchased goods.
    • Cancellation policy — Describe under what conditions customers can cancel subscriptions or reservations.Being clear and fair in these policies goes a long way toward building customer trust, and it can also provide you with protection against disputes. If we review your website and can’t find information on your fulfillment policies, we may request that you add some additional content about order fulfillment.
  • Legal or export restrictions applicable to your business We don’t trade abroad so no restrictions
  • Your website’s privacy policy is shown on the link in the menu
  • Your business address Beck Head Farm, Witherslack, Cumbria LA11 6SH
  • The terms of any promotions you are offering ANy special offers will include T&Cs we dont currently have any
  • The security of your website and customer payment information. We only use Stipe via our cloud based accounting software (Xero) they take care of all the data security. We dont store data at our office
  • The logos of the credit cards you accept. You can reduce friction in the checkout process by displaying the brand logos of the credit cards that you accept, making it clear to customers that you accept their preferred card.
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